Abloom Tea Gift Set – Product Review

Abloom Tea Set
Abloom Tea Set

Originally planned to buy as a unique, elegant decoration to our dining table, it was a decision easily made. With the great offer from Groupon, we decided to buy the one teapot with six white blooms, and a beautiful wooden gift box with six varieties of teas.

The abloom teas are great for people that love to infuse flower tea. They consist of 100% natural ingredients and can be brewed more than once. With a choice of Black or White teas there is some variety and experimentation to be made. We first purchased the white teas as we decided to go for a trial on milder flavours. They deliver a delicate tone on initial tasting with the aftertaste of the flavour you chose. The long lasting flavours means great aroma around the house on infusion. The strength of the tea allows up to three brews ensuring that every flavour is used from the floral tea and not gone to waste.

The wooden box is a nice and simple decorative piece in the kitchen making it easier for you to store the balls of tea their own compartment. Once the abloom flower blooms it gives you a nice relaxing feeling, even when you place it in the middle of the table as a decorative piece.

One downside we noticed, but not off putting would be the way the tea is hand wrapped and mixed with other blends. We were actually expecting one full flower and the brew to look more like the image on the packaging.

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