Brita Fill & Go – Product Review

The Brita Fill and Go is good, portable and a convenient to use water filter. Simple to use, you fill up water anywhere using ordinary tap water and you have filtered water wherever you are on the go. In our current household we have a standard Brita Filter, this was always good for when you are home or have a bottle to use to refill the water.

Packaging was standard, very minimal and easy to notice. The cardboard is recyclable and easy to read instructions are provided inside, along with 4 extra filters. The bottle has a straw provided, giving you the option to drink the bottle upright or tilted upwards.

Compared to other bottled filters, this product is expensive. Although, if you like Brita filtered water then this is the product to buy.

The bottle fits in majority of the standard cup holders, and fits well in my car. Goes well inside my office bag that I take to work on a daily basis.

Ratings(out of 5)

Overall Rating : 4
Value for Money: 3
Quality: 5
Comments: Expensive filters (£1-2 each) and having to replace once a week. This I try to stretch out to every 2 weeks, although this depends on your water consumption.

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