Burger Blind Date TGI Fridays – Restaurant Review

An event for all the social friends and bloggers. Luckily, a friend of mine received an invite and asked me to be their +1. The event consisted of a choice of burger, a couple round of drinks and a comedy #BURGERFACE moment all complimentary (along with a load of cheesy puns and witty remarks).

Welcomed with introductory drinks, we were briefed on the evening’s events. Meeting and socialising with others alike, and tasting a choice of burger.

We were sat down with a group, and given a choice of 8 burgers with brief, yet witty descriptions/clues. Each burger was handcrafted with a variation based on the recipes of someone who has travelled the world to perfect their tastes. (According to the promoter)

As you can see, two of the burgers had the influence of “Jack” which gives the clue of Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce. This would be standard with TGI Fridays. A few had country themes which had the hint with the tastes of French, Chinese and American style cuisine. The rest were, pulled pork, cheese, and a double layered burger.

Stuck for choice, it was between the pork, the double burger or one of the Jack Daniel sauce burgers. In the end I opted for the Jack Daniel’s sauce burger with the most vague of hint/clue.
TGI Friday Burger

As you can see, the burger had battered peppers and onions sandwiched between two buns and a burger. Each burger, came accompanied with a sauce and choice of fries (between Bacon and Cheese or BBQ and Mustard dressing).

Each person then received a framed photo of their version of a BURGERFACE to end the evening nicely.

Ratings(out of 5)
Overall Rating : 4
Value for Money: N/A
Service: 5
Quality: 4

Comments: Burgers were good, evening was good and didn’t need to pay a penny. Good publicity.

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