Citrus Zinger Water Bottle – Product Review

citrus_zingerThe Citrus Zinger from Zing Anything has been a great novelty and an innovative idea for me to drink flavoured water on the go. Create your own flavoured water easily and readily from any fruit. Experiment with flavours, add lime, lemon, oranges and anything else you can think of to your water. 

The product consists of four parts, a compartment to contain the water and a lid on top, the juicer for the fruit and the compartment to store the bits. Firstly, fill the big container with water. Juice the lemon or lime and let this infuse into the water. Put the final container on the rest of the bottle and turn this 180 degrees to ensure that there is no leakage from the bottle. If there is, check the plastic seal and check that all parts are correctly tightened.

The main container can vary with what you add. I have added variations, from ice, strawberries, pineapple and other fruits. The lid has a ring to make the bottle easy to carry and the size makes it convenient to store anywhere you go.

A handy tip for a fuller flavour would be to make the flavoured water on the previous night, maybe leave the fruit inside the containers and store this in the fridge. This way, you get a fuller flavour and a cooler nice refreshing drink for the next day.

Ratings(out of 5)
Overall Rating : 5
Value for Money: 5
Quality: 5
Comments: Great to use, healthy and novelty. Easy to use and worth the money.

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