Health Benefits of Chillies – Food Guide

One of many every day ingredients (within reason). Chilli Peppers are great to spice your dishes up and give that extra kick in flavour. We add Chillies to most of our foods, however try not to go overkill on them as research has shown, these could lead to stomach ulcers.

It’s not always bad to have Chillies though, some people believe that adding them can lead to increase in metabolism. Thus improving weight loss. I believe that having spicy foods helps increase the heat of your body and therefore have an added effect in burning calories due to sweat.

Chillies contain a chemical called CapsaicinĀ which has many health benefits such as:

  • promoting a healthy colon
  • maintaining blood sugar levels
  • disease prevention
  • anti-oxidants

Obviously we are not telling you to go and eat or overdose on Chillies, but adding a little bit to any meal can be beneficial to you and enhance the flavour of your cooking.

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