Highball in Japan – Popular Whiskey Drink

High Ball Whiskey Soda
High Ball Whiskey Soda

Using Japanese blended Kakubin Whiskey, large blocks of ice and soda water, you have yourself a Japanese Highball. In its original square bottle (Kakubin) the blended whiskey is perfect to mix.

The Highball is a great refreshing drink of choice, especially during the hotter climates and temperatures of Japan. It is cool from the blocks of ice, and very light as you are unable to taste the true strength of the whiskey. When I first had this drink, we managed to drink a few pints of the Highball. You don’t feel a thing until when you get off your chair, we believe it may be the soda water that helps the Whiskey get to you faster.

To make a decent HighBall you need the following:

  • Big Glass
  • Fill with Ice Cubes – extra refreshing
  • 1 part Kakubin Whiskey
  • 2-3 part soda water
  • Mix well
  • Optional: Lemon

It is that popular, that you can even buy HighBalls in cans already mixed from nearest convenience stores. Trying the Kakubin whiskey neat, there is a sweet tone with a delicate crisp finish. A good blend with soda water and ice. If you ever go to Japan, this is definitely a must try.


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