How to make Chillies last longer – Food Guide

You have a Chilli plant thriving with Chillies and they are starting to dry out. What do you do? The last thing you want is the harvest to go to waste. One method I find easy and hassle free is to freeze the Chillies. I do this just before they ripen and freezing them tends to keep their strength.

Follow these easy steps to freeze Chillies for optimum quality:

  1. Cut the Chillies from the branch
  2. Wash and dry
  3. Place in vacuumed pack or sealed sandwich bag

Other alternatives is to freeze the Chillies in ice cubes or chop them before freezing.

When ready to use the Chillies can just be washed and sliced or used as whole. The Chilli will be soggy, although once used in cooking the heat/spice will still be there.

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