Loch Fyne Seafood Leeds – Restaurant Review

Oysters Loch FyneHaving visited the Loch Fyne in Edinburgh, we had high hopes for the famous Seafood and Grill chain. Last year in Summer, we visited Scotland where we managed to buy fresh oysters from the Loch Fyne Fishmongers and throughout our journey to the North it was amazing. We have been to the branch in Leeds once, during a lunch service and found the food, quality and standard acceptable, so we decided to try the restaurant for the evening service. 

Walking into the restaurant the staff greeted us very friendly and the decor inside gave you a fisherman feel. Seated in a wooden ship style environment with wood everywhere from tables, chairs and the walls. During our dinner conversation we found out that there were discounted food vouchers to be used at Loch Fyne, this can be found on Voucher Cloud, Voucher code etc (a simple google of Loch Fyne Vouchers will get you one – normally weekday use only).

To begin with, our waitress was very attentive and swiftly taking our order. The menu had a good range and variety, with enough to choose from. It was not too big or complex so the Chefs can be overwhelmed by the different dishes.

Between the four us we ordered:


  • Oysters
  • Prawns
  • Mussels
  • Razor clams


  • Baked Lobster
  • Seafood Grill (Mixture of everything)
  • Seafood Pasta

With this we find that it is best to accompany seafood with a nice white wine.

The oysters were very swift to come out, with a nice texture and fresh sea taste. With the restaurant half full you can see some dishes coming out nicely from our neighbouring tables. After waiting 30 minutes for our starters we decided to politely chase as we were seeing no dishes coming out for a while. Another 30 minutes on top we finally got them. Fair to say it was acceptable just like our lunch we had the year before, even though it could be much hotter.

After our starters, we could see the other tables agitated and waiting a lot longer than we were with some customers just walking out. More complaints were being fired at the floor staff, could feel sorry them as it was beyond their control. From another hour of chasing we realised that our food was no where near cooking or ready to be cooked. So from the moment we ordered to 2 hours 20 minutes later, we decided to call it a night with just starters and make our own food at home.

We had high hopes, with high recommendations with no issues previously from them. It was a nice gesture to give 50% off the final bill, however we will probably try the other branches with the fair assumption it was just a bad night of service.

Ratings(out of 5)
Overall Rating : 1
Value for Money: 3 (Of what we actually had)
Quality: 2 (Of what we actually had)
Comments:Probably a great restaurant, if you did not have to be anywhere or in any hurry. Issues in the kitchen clearly, as the floor staff were left having to deal with multiple complaints on numerous tables.

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