Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha Green Tea Latte
Matcha Green Tea Latter. Credit: to Starbucks Japan

It was my first day in Tokyo, Japan. Having arrived early hours that day we thought we’d explore and check out the nearest Starbucks! As it is easily ready and available throughout Japan, I opted to have a Matcha Green Tea Latte.

Consisting mainly of Milk, Matcha and Water it made a delightfully refreshing and energising drink to boost my tired body of the day. From the first few sips you could really taste the great strength of matcha and creaminess of the frothed milk. Once I started I couldn’t stop, it was very moreish and addictive. Perfect start to our trip to Tokyo, once we finished our drink we enjoyed the rest of the day shopping.

Disappointing how this is not available in UK Starbucks, as we have to go to Asian stores to buy a pre-packeted matcha powder. It could do with a more caffeinated version to kick start or boost your morning with. Other than that, a must try.

Overall Rating : [usr 5]
Value for Money: [usr 5]
Quality: [usr 5]
Comments: Distinct taste of matcha green tea and richness. Great value for money with the current exchange rate.

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