Meat Liquor – Leeds – Review

Meat Liquor LeedsCraving for some meaty, fattening and guilty pleasuring food? This is the place to be. The thriving restaurant gave a great buzz to the diner-style feel. Shows a lot of potential to the place.

Situated on a small alleyway behind Victoria Secrets in Trinity Leeds, you enter a small bar and a few tables. The main restaurant is situated downstairs where you can hear the buzz. From the situation, the place seemed very dim with minimal lighting.

There are various seating choices available, from the tables, bar seats and high seats near the bar. I found that the restaurant seats a lot of people, although the main seating area felt slightly crammed with the possibility of hearing the conversation next door to you. The service started off very well, very quick having placed our order in no time. Although, when we had the food it did take some time for us to get a second round of drinks and eventually the bill.

The food we ordered between the two of us came out and clearly overwhelmed us with the size. Dripping with meat juices, we ordered the Green Chilli Cheeseburger and Dirty Chicken Cheeseburger. The size of the burgers were decent and filling enough as a whole hearty meal. Both choices were very delicious, although the Chilli burger could have been much spicier giving a better kick. Accompanied by Gravy Cheese Fries and Monkey Fingers, this was definitely enough to fill us for the whole night.

Ratings(out of 5)
Overall Rating : 4
Value for Money: 3
Quality: 4
Comments: Great food, lively atmosphere, worth the 20 minute wait for the table. Chillies need a bigger kick to the burger.

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