Panda Pocky Cookies and Cream – Snack Review

When buying snacks, I can never shy away from cute packaging and how adorable they look. The Cookies and Cream Pocky is definitely worth the buy if you are a lover of chocolate snacks. With a chocolate pretzel biscuit and a white chocolate coating accompanied with chocolate bits this is one to try.

Ratings(out of 5)
Rating: 5


The theme is inspired by the Panda, Black and White and totally adorable. When biting into the biscuit, the texture is slightly different to an ordinary pocky, not as crispy slightly heavy, most likely due to the mix with chocolate. The delicious tasting outer chocolate definitely works well together with the biscuit though.

Only downside I personally would say, is the fact you get one big pack in the box. Definitely felt that it wasn’t enough, as Pocky in general are very more-ish.

NOTE: Anyone with allergies, always check the ingredients as the product contains Wheat, Milk, Soya Bean and may contain Nuts.

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