Pork Cutlet Rice and Udon Noodles – Tokyo Japan Trip

Pork Cutlet Rice and Udon Noodles Tokyo
Pork Cutlet Rice and Udon Noodles

The first meal of Tokyo Japan, we were looking for a quick and simple snack knowing that there is so much to eat in the area. We decided to get a few dishes and share amongst ourselves. This should give us a quick and easy energy boost for a long first day.

The concept was very different to what we were used to. It was very difficult to navigate through the area if you did not understand or speak the basics of Japanese. We arrived at the place with a vending like machine outside. With this you insert the money and press which dish you would like. This then prints out a ticket you give to the shop clerk and your food is then cooked.

The portion sizes were great, enough to share between two people for lunch or a snack. As this was a chain restaurant, the food was pretty decent. The noodles had good texture, the soup base was flavoursome with strong hints of seaweed and spring onions. (Good luck to whoever hangs around you for the rest of the day) The pork  cutlet was tasty, although could have been crispier and the egg was mediocre, slightly overcooked. Other than that, the mixture of the set matches the tastebuds very well.

Overall Rating : [usr 4]
Value for Money: [usr 5]
Quality: [usr 4]
Comments: Great portion sizes and much needed snack between a few of us.

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