Sakura Green Tea Kit Kat – Snack Review

One of many flavours of Kit Kat from Japan. Managed to get a hold of a few of these, being a big fan of matcha green tea and snacks. To my surprise the Sakura gave the ordinary matcha taste a little twist. On opening the packet, the fragrance of the snack was to die for.

Sakura ( a.k.a Cherry Blossom) is a famous type of tree in Japan, which becomes full bloom in Spring. Magnificent to see. When opening the box, you get three small, pink packets. Each packet contains 2 sticks. They are definitely unique in both, taste and aroma. If you love green tea, white chocolate and kit kats, then this is for you.

Ratings(out of 5)

Overall Rating : 5
Value for Money: N/A
Quality: 5
Comments: You don’t get enough in a box and the snack itself is small.


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