Snacks To Brighten Up Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Christmas, the one time where you can get away with acting like a child all over again. What better way to celebrate the occasion with some classic Christmas snacks.

Candy Canes

The treat that all kids love and full of sugar. Usually designed as a red and white striped cane, with flavours of peppermint. Perfect for your stocking fillers and to keep the kids quiet and focused until the sugar kicks in.

Mince Pies

One of my personal favourites during this Festive Season. A nice pastry, filled with dried fruit, raisins and anything that goes together. Depending on the baker, the filling usually consists of raisins, sultanas, apricots, apples, nuts, nutmeg and cinnamon. Great as a quick snack if you’re feeling peckish or as an after dinner dessert. I usually get a nice creamy Vanilla Custard from Sainsbury’s or Marks and Spencers to go with. You get the nice bitterness of the pie and the sweetness of the custard to mix¬†perfectly together.

Christmas Pudding

Great dessert to have after your Christmas dinner. Big enough to fill the whole family. Mainly consisting of dried fruits (raisins, almonds, apples and nutmeg) then flamed with a liquor of Cognac or Brandy. Nicely married with custard.


There you have it, my run down of the classic traditional snacks and treats I experience every year. Hope you all have  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Happy Fooding!

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