Soda Stream – Why Everyone Needs One – Product Review

Soda Stream

If you’re a lover of fizzy drinks and don’t drink enough water, then Soda Stream is a product definitely worth investing into. You can make different drinks with the Soda Stream using various flavours of syrups and cordials.

There are bundles from most places such as Amazon where you can purchase the Soda Stream, multiple bottles and flavours as one. This will save you a few pounds based on what you choose. There are a variety of colours to choose from and this will help you match the colour theme of your kitchen. If you are buying a gift for someone, they do neutral colours to match every kitchen style.

Soda Stream
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Depending on the model you buy, you will need to purchase the official Soda Stream gas refills. These can be bought from Argos and you just give them your old canister. You’ll be looking roughly around £10-13 depending on where and if there are any offers available. One canister can last 40-50 drinks, but this all depends on how fizzy you love your drinks.


  1. Fill the bottle with water up to the line – can be from the top or a filter. It is advisable to not use any other liquids such as juices as this may damage the spout that inserts the gas and also make your Soda Stream sticky. Fill the bottle past the line and the pressure will build up and water will go everywhere.
  2. Insert bottle and secure the locking mechanism
  3. Push down and hold for fizz (depending on the model). The longer you hold down, the more fizz you get. I recommend 3-4 seconds 3 times for a 1Litre bottle.
  4. Add syrup, put the cap on and twist the bottle upside down gently or swirl to mix. (Do not shake the bottle)

Optional Extras

You can use different cordials, such as Ribena, Lime or even infuse fruits. Official Soda Stream Syrups and partnered Syrups can be found here:

Sometimes you are unable to finish a litre of the the fizzy drink before all the fizz eventually runs out. Different size bottles can be found here:

More information can  be found here:

Buy yours today:

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