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Softree HK Ice cream

Back in November I was recommended by a friend to try this place, as I was heading around Causeway Bay at the time. Just thought I’d do a quick review of my thoughts. The location was on the outskirts of all the main areas and took a while to find, however I guess it was worth the try.

From first glance, the location was set back and inside was clean. The colour scheme is bright yellow and eye catching. A wide range of seating available and an easy to order system at the counter with a choice of takeout. The main key concept of the company is to provide a Korean version of a healthy, tasty and soft ice cream. The shape of each ice cream is represented by a shape of a tree, with various toppings to provide a variety of shapes and flavours.

The menu choice is great, with a variety of flavour you are definitely spoilt for choice. As we were walking around in the heat, we opted to have them in a cup. The good thing is, the staff warn you that it does not have the shame tree shape or look the same as on the picture.

Nevertheless, the taste was intense, rich and sweet. The ice cream in the cup decorated with toppings made this dessert visually appearing, making my mouth water and wanting to finish it off. Each mouthful had the same intense flavour and such smooth ice cream, making it very difficult to compete with other generic brands. Definitely one to try when you have a sweet craving!

Ratings(out of 5)
Overall Rating : 4
Value for Money: 4
Quality: 5
Comments: Great on a hot summer day, however very sweet after a while.

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